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Body language expertise is rooted in experience.

Virtual Meet & Greets

Your pup's meet & greet is our chance to explore their mindset.  It's also how we ensure like-minded pups are grouped together to provide the best possible experience. 


Our virtual process was deliberately designed to remove our team's influence from the meet & greet experience. 


All you need to do is upload a short clip of your pup meeting another person or pup while walking with you and we'll take care of the rest.

To complete your virtual meet & greet, please email a short clip of your pup greeting another pup on-leash, or human for private walks, to

Like-Minded Groups

Like minded pups build stronger social bonds & reinforce good habits, so we make every effort to ensure mini-groups remain consistent from week to week. 

Securing Your Spot

Matching your pup's needs with available space in a like-minded group is completed as quickly as possible.  We encourage you to reach out asap to minimize potential delays when joining a new group.

Contact us today at to inquire about availability in your area.

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